Friday, April 20, 2012

Rascal Flatts - Changed

I can't say that I am a music person.  My husband certainly is.  I can usually take it or leave it.  Especially after motherhood, there is something very nice about a quiet car ride when I get the rare opportunity to be out on an errand alone.  I think at times I just get a little sensory overload & I find quiet more soothing than music.

However, when it comes to Rascal Flatts, I feel like they are one of very few bands that trigger the musical person hidden deep inside me.  With them I experience the nostalgia & memory connections with my songs that instantly transport me back to the time in my life where that song was new and popular.  They are also one of very few bands where I can put their album's on and listen to the entire thing all the way through without skipping songs or turning it off.  I will listen to them enough that when I hear one of their songs on the radio - as it goes off, I start to sing the song that follows on their album... anyone else do that?!

Their first two albums, Rascal Flatts and Melt take me back to college.  Especially the long summer nights, fresh mountain air & lots of fun times with friends.  Their third album, Feels Like Today,  takes me back to my newlywed years with Bless the Broken Road.  I think we all feel that way when we've finally found our forever someone & marrying him really made me reflect back on my dating experiences & I was so thankful for my new husband and starting our future together.  The album also takes me back to a handful of NASCAR races here in Richmond and down in Charlotte where I really had some great times. Their forth album, Me and My Gang, takes me back to my younger sisters high school graduation with the song, My Wish.  It really summed up everything that I hoped & wished for her as she entered college & adulthood. 

As I stated earlier, entering parenthood as really reduced the amount of free time that I used to spend listening to music or attending events where I had the opportunity to listen to music!  However, as the trio's eighth studio album, Changed, was just released earlier this month & it is just as much of an amazing album as their past ones. What I love most is that these guys are so invested in their music & their passion.  Each of the three band members had a hand at writing the songs on this album.

As I am in the hospital on bed rest with my pregnancy of our second baby, I suddenly have plenty of time to listen to music again & I find that it helps to pass the time.  I've really enjoyed listening to Rascal Flatts new album, Changed.  I think my favorite song on the album is Hot In Here.  Every woman likes to know that they have such an affect on their man.  It's a really upbeat song that is easy to sing along to & one that on a warm day you'd love to turn the radio up, put the window down & just sing along as you are driving down the highway.

The Changed album overall doesn't disappoint.  I feel that its still the same great band & that is one thing that I have always like about Rascal Flatts is that they stay true to who they are & their country roots.  You can hear a song & instantly know its them.  They are great & I love that they keep producing great music that helps create happy times & happy memories.

One thing I haven't done that I wish to do is to catch them live in concert.  It's on my list & I know that when I do, it will be so much fun!  If you are looking to catch Rascal Flatts live in concert this year, here is the listing of their upcoming concert tour dates.

I received Rascal Flatts, Changed, album as a member of the One2One Network in exchange for my review.  All opinions are solely mine.

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