Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Tip: Cash Back Websites!

Since today is Cyber Monday, I thought i'd pass along an important tip; Cash Back sites.  The three I use are: ShopAtHome, Ebates and Mr. Rebates.    

When shopping online I go to each of these sites and do a search to see which one currently offers the greatest cash back percentage for the retail website I am shopping.   For example: ShopAtHome is currently offering 9% cash back for  Ebates is currently offering 6% cash back and Mr.Rebates only offers 3%. I would choose to shop through since it offers the highest cash back.  When you click on JCPenny from ShopAtHome it'll open a new window for you to shop through so it can track your shopping.

These sites also offer great coupon codes to use in addition to your cash back savings to help maximize your savings!

You should see your cash back appear in your account within one to thirty days.  Most cash back sites pay out either monthly or quarterly and have minimum payouts between $15 - $20.  Once you have reached their set minimum you will receive your payment at their next scheduled pay date.

It doesn’t get much better than saving and earning money while you shop online!

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