Monday, October 17, 2011

'Deceptively Delicious': Sweet Potato Pancakes!

Our three year old used to love her veggies but this preschool age has brought many opinions on what she does & does not like & apparently veggies have been removed from her favorite foods.  That has left me seeking ways to incorporate vegetables into her diet....

One of my best tools is the "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld.  It has really given me a lot of great ideas, recipes & ways to increase the nutrition in her meals.  I have found the easiest ways are with pureed butternut squash & sweet potatoes.  The squash gets added in with cheese & turkey on quesadilla's & grilled cheeses. 

My best kept secret, which I am sharing, is the sweet potato that I add to our yummy weekend pancakes.

I bake a sweet potato for an hour at 400 degrees.  Once it's cooled, you remove the skin, add a little water & puree.  You then add a half of a cup of the sweet potato puree to your pancake mix & then cook.  Sounds so easy - and it is! 

I want to share a few tips & observations. 

* Don't add more than a half a cup of the puree to the pancake batter, unless you are doubling the batter, as it will leave the batter too soggy & the pancakes will be soggy in the middle & won't cook evenly.

* The pancakes will be slightly tinted orange but no one in my family has ever noticed!  Especially when you add syrup.

* I have found that the sweet potato taste is best hidden when using a boxed prepared pancake batter, such as Bisquick or Hungry Jack, instead of pulling it together from scratch. 

If you have picky little eaters - this is a great way to hide a yummy nutritious vegetable in their meal - and then you just sit back & grin as they gobble them up & even ask for more!

Make sure you check out the "Deliciously Deceptive" cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld.  It's only $10.36 right now on Amazon.  Great idea for a Christmas Gift for someone in your life with picky eaters.

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