Friday, June 17, 2011

#RVA: FREE Mulch!

Mulch can quickly add up to be one of the pricier additions to our yards each Spring.  NBC12 had a great spot yesterday evening where #RVA area residents can actually get good mulch for FREE!

Our local area landfills recycle discarded yard waste into mulch that you can then pickup for FREE!  The information they posted is as follows: 

Richmond offers free mulch at the East Richmond Road Landfill. Call ahead and they can have a pay loader ready to help. Chesterfield County has it at the Southside Landfill on Route 10. If you need help loading it, Friday is the day you should go. Henrico's mulch is available to the public. Richmond and Chesterfield require residency and you might want to call to check availability. Most other transfer stations in our area offer this recycling program. 


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