Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Paid For Christmas With Swag Bucks!

You'll have heard me talk all year long about how I was hoping to pay for Christmas with Swag Bucks.  Are you curious to find out if I was able too?

Well..... I did it!  I was able to completely purchase all of our Christmas Gifts this year with Swag Bucks!  Pictured above are all of the gifts that had arrived by December 17th (I needed to start wrapping!).

What are Swag Bucks & how did I purchase anything with them?!

Swag Bucks are rewards for searching the internet - go here to learn more.

I redeemed my Swag Bucks throughout the year for Amazon Gift Cards.  I managed to accumulate $325 worth of Amazon Gift Cards just from Swag Bucks alone!  (I also earned an additional $25 through iRazoo & Opinion Outpost)  This may not seem like enough to cover what an average person spends during the Christmas Season on gifts.  However, as you have seen - I don't do any shopping without looking for a deal first & that includes shopping online!

How did it all play out?

My Grand Total spent purchasing all our Christmas Gifts online with Amazon was: $278.38!

How did I save?

It's important to note first that when I say spent - I mean with my Amazon Gifts Cards earned through Swag Bucks.  Not a penny came directly out of our pockets!

Even though I had gift cards & nothing was being spent out of pocket - I still looked to save & get the best bang for my buck.  So as my gift cards accumulated throughout the year - I eagerly awaited Amazon's famed Black Friday & Cyber Monday week long hot sales.  They didn't disappoint!

I purchased $463.02 worth of gifts for just $265.44 spent from my $350 Amazon Gift Card Balance!

Also - with my FREE Amazon Prime Membership, I only had to spend a total of $12.94 on shipping, as all but 2 of the gifts we purchased qualified for FREE 2-day Prime Shipping!

Including the shipping - I spent a total of $278.38.  If you add in the savings difference and the savings on shipping costs - these items normally would have cost me $504.82!  This is a savings of 44.86%!

Will I do this again this year?

You Betcha!  


Sharon said...

AWESOME! I am now inspired to do the same & since it' January.....I have all year to save!
Thanks for sharing!

Saving Our Way said...

YAY! Good Luck! Even if you can't cover your entire Christmas budget - you can certainly greatly reduce what you spend out of pocket!
Keep me posted!

Young and Frugal in Virginia! said...

Thats awesome! Yea!

Lauren said...

That is so cool! I'm really impressed!

Mellisa Rock said...

WOW - that's great! I too was able to do a lot of my Christmas Shopping with swagbucks: http://www.gettingallmyducksinarow.com/2010/11/swagbuck-shopping.html

I am already saving for next year - but with all the shopping that I did - I am having a bit of a hard time stopping.

Full Price? NEVER! said...

Great job! I just found your blog from the swagbucks blog!

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