Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Savings Recap: 5/10 - 5/17/10

My Weekly Savings: (5/10 - 5/17/10)

* Saved $1.63 (3.71%) on my Kroger Gas Fill-up this week.

* Saved $5.98 (50.00%) on my Food Lion Trip this week.

* Saved $3.33 (10.95%) on my Target Trip this week.

* Saved $1.70 (21.60%) on my trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics this week.

* Saved $17.60 (100.17%) on my CVS Shopping Trip this week! 

We were out of town this past weekend so I have not done our weekly Kroger Grocery Trip yet.  That will fall under next week's recap. :-)

Total Weekly Savings: $30.26 (27.03%)

Total Monthly Savings: $257.18 (48.70%)

Total Yearly Savings: $1,908.43 (39.80%)

* The total Yearly Savings has been adjusted/corrected.  I noticed an error in the spreadsheet that was drawing from an incorrect column. So the adjustment brought it back down under $2,000 - which I was so excited that I thought that I hit the week before last!  *sniff*!  haha!  It's better to be accurate though!

Money Earned 5/3-5/9/10:

Weekly Money Earned: $15 - Received a Rebate Check in the mail for a purchase that I had made.

Monthly Money Earned: $40

Yearly Money Earned: $265

I am excited that my savings are adding up so well.  I am so glad that part of my New Years resolutions were to keep track!  I NEVER would have imagined that they would add up like they are!  Keep checking in each Monday to see how they continue to add up!

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