Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners

Have you tried the Dove Damage Therapy Daily Treatment Conditioners, yet? 

I've always liked Dove hair products because they leave my hair feeling clean, soft & strong.  They have now reformulated their hair care products to include a patented Micro Moisture serum and new Fiber Actives, which protect against and repair hair damage for beautifully smooth hair. 

The benefits to their new conditioners - the Daily Moisture Conditioner & the Intensive Repair Conditioner - is that their Dual-Action Formula treats deep down with the new Fiber Actives to help rebuild damaged hair proteins while the patented Micro Moisture Serum repairs, intensely nourishes and seals to prevent future damage!  Your hair truly feels healthier & stronger after using these products.  They also have a wonderful new smell to them.  I can't exactly pinpoint it (I am not the best at that) but I can say that it reminds me of Summer!

Did you know that Dove is the official hair care product of the Glee Live! Concert Tour?! That really speaks to the benefits of Dove Hair Care products because the cast of Glee, especially the women, damage their hair every day on the job & by doing many of their favorite things:
  • Women: Styling, bleaching, straightening, drying, curling; even some things you may not expect – driving in a convertible, running, dancing, swimming
  • Glee: cast spend hours on the set every day putting their hair through a lot of damage: blow drying, straightening, curling, brushing, styling, performing under the stage lights for hours, restyling, re-curling, more hot stage lights …

  • Enter for a chance to win a visit to the Glee set
  • Special Glee tour rehearsal performances by Lea Michele
  • Exclusive footage from the Glee tour
  • Hair care messages from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan
  • Dove Hair Care product information
 Have you tried the newly formulated Dove Hair Care products?  Share your thoughts!

I was sent a bottle of each, The Daily Moisture & the Intensive Repair Dove Damage Therapy Conditioners.  The opinions in this post are solely mine and no compensation was received as influence towards the content I've provided. Please refer to my Disclaimer if you have any further questions.

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