Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  The weather here in Virginia was just perfect!  The last few Easters have needed a coat on top of your Easter Sunday best, as you headed out the door for church.  It was a nice change to just wear your dress.  I put a sweater on bug & had one myself before we walked out the door.  It didn't take much longer than the ride to church to remove them.  It is supposed to be upper 80's to almost 90 here the next day or two.  I cannot say that I am hating this weather!  I am a warm weather girl for sure!

Here are some photos from our Easter weekend.  My parents had an Easter Egg Hunt ready & waiting for my outdoors girl when we arrived.  Then she also had a great set of toy golf clubs to play with & enjoyed taking lessons from her golfing grandfather!

Easter Sunday found our bug up bright and early & ready to go outside.  Lately, her first words she says when she wakes up are a combination of - "Shoes? Go? Pease?"!  She just cannot wait to get outside!  So she was not a happy camper that instead of letting her go outside - I corralled her for a few family photos!

Over the photo session & ready to go outside!

We had great food & a great visit with my family.  I hope that you'll did too!

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