Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toddler & Kids Beds

So the topic of Toddler & Kids Beds has been on my mind recently.  Our bug will be two in May.  Thankfully she isn't crafty enough to get out of her crib, yet.  I am doing some forward thinking though.  We have a beautiful convertible crib that I just love.  We will probably just take the front of the crib off, once she is a 'big girl' and doesn't need the full crib any longer.  We'll put up a railing & let her sleep in it as a toddler bed until the next stage of bed is needed.  The crib can be converted to a full sized bed with the front & back of the crib being the headboard & footboard of the bed, we would just need to purchase the conversion kit.

I wonder though, when we decide to have baby #2 - do we purchase another convertible crib or do we put our bugs toddler bed/crib set back into the crib for baby #2 and then get her a new bed?  (Baby #2 is still in the future plans in this household - I am just a forward thinker & planner!).  This has prompted me to look at toddler/kids beds & there are some really cute ones out there!

This DaVinci Elizabeth II Toddler Bed is so pretty!  This too can be converted into a full sized bed as they grow.

For a boy - I am loving this Disney Pixar's Cars Style bed! (Forward thinking again people, as we have a little girl!). So cute - I bet this would help entice a little boy to go to bed & stay in bed, too! haha!

Anyways - these are just the thoughts that run through this mommy's brain and I thought these beds from All Children's Furniture were too cute not to pass along!

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Ann said...

We moved our oldest daughter to a "big girl bed" shortly after she turned 2. (I was already expecting baby #2 then.) We decided against the convertible crib when we bought her crib because of the dilema you are having now. We actually purchased a double bed with the thought that her room can double as a guest room when we have out-of-town guests and that she can use that bed all the way through her teenage years. We just made sure she had a railing on the side of the bed that wasn't pushed against the wall.

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