Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly Savings Recap

This is my first Monday post recapping my weekly savings for 2010!  It'll be a tad abbreviated since we are only 4 days into the year - but it's my first recap and I am excited to get this segment rolling!

My Weekly Savings: (1/1 - 1/3/10)

* Saved $2.58 (6.52%) on gas with my Kroger Gas Rewards
* Saved $16.57 (17.46%) on my Kroger Grocery Trip
* Saved $61.16 (92%) on my CVS Shopping Trip

Total Weekly Savings:  $80.31

Total Yearly Savings:  $80.31

I am thrilled at how this year is strarting out savings wise!  Keep checking back in each Monday to see how my savings progress & add up throughout the year!

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