Friday, January 1, 2010


We all have things that we promise ourselves that we’ll do differently at New Year’s. Some things we attempt and they just aren’t meant to be and some things are successful and end up life changing!

As we enter this new decade, I wanted to make note of what’s on my mind, goal wise, for 2010!

  •  Keep a running record of my savings. --> My husband says that each dollar that I save is like earning a dollar! So I am interested in seeing how much I save (“make”) in a year, total! I plan on keeping you’ll in the loop with my savings too! I wouldn’t be a frugal blogger if I did it any other way! You will see my weekly savings post each Monday that will detail my previous weeks savings.

  •  Work on our finances/savings. --> We are finishing our first full year with me being a SAHM and pulling in no real salary/pay check this past year. We succeeded and I am proud of ourselves. However, there were some pretty tight times. I think we have a great understanding of our finances however, there is always room for improvement. Santa brought me Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace book. So the plan is for my husband and I to read it through and see how implementing some of his strategies could put us in a better position with our savings and being prepared for any unexpected expenses.

  •  Continue to work on the last bit of the baby weight. --> This was a goal going into 2009 also. I feel that I was very successful with this goal this year. However, I still have 10 more lingering pounds that I would like to take off and it all sits in my middle – eh. My husband and I want to run a 5k sometime this Spring. I am hoping the running we’ve started back in November will help me achieve that goal of shedding the last bit of weight and toning up a little more!

  •  Spend time with & enjoy my beautiful family. --> Life gets busy and we forget to take a step back & give thanks for the gifts in our lives. I am very thankful for my husband and my daughter.

  •  My last resolution may seem funny but it’ll do wonders for me…. Keep my toenails painted!!! --> Before having a baby my toenails were NEVER not painted. FOR YEARS! I just love my toenails to be painted b/c I just think that plain unpolished toes on myself is just blah! Right now – I can’t tell you the last time that I painted my toenails. There aren’t even flakes of the old polish left – just bare, blah & begging to be brought to life with a splash of color! By finding time to paint my toenails, it’ll help keep my spirits bright!


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