Friday, November 13, 2009

Vocal Point

Vocal Point

Are you a member of Vocal Point?  If no, why not?!  This is SUCH a great website and company! 

Once you are registered they send you wonderful, mostly full-sized, freebies & trials almost every month! Along with the freebies and trials - they also send out great coupons.  Some of these you need to sign up for and some are just wonderful suprises in your mailbox!  The best part is that this website is all free!  The only thing that I have promised is to review a few of the products for the 'try & tells'!

Since July I have received these full sized freebies:  Bounce 4 month Dryer Bar and the Olay Pro-X Face Cream (that was something like a $50 value!).  I have received samples of: Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant and Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal.  I have received high dollar coupons for Kashi Cereals, Rice Krispies and Bounce Dryer Bars. 

Go here to join the Vocal Point Community & to start experiencing these fun freebies, trials & coupons! 

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