Sunday, August 23, 2009

Walgreens Money Making Trip!

I stopped by Walgreens today to pick up my 8x10 Free Scrapbook Page I created on Friday and for some toothpaste! I made out with a $1.21 profit! Here's how it played out:

1 - 8x10 Scrapbook Page (free from '7 Deals 7 Days' promotion on Friday) $0.00
1 - Arrid Extra Dry Deoderant (saved $2.40 with coupon from Walgreen circular) $0.99
4 - 6.2 oz Crest Whitening with Scope toothpastes (on sale 4/$10 so $2.50 ea) $10.00.

I used two $0.50 coupons & two $0.75 coupons for the four toothpastes which took off $2.50 bringing my total now to $7.50 for the toothpastes.

I then used $5 in RR (Register Rewards) bringing my OOP (Out of Pocket) Total for all of the above to $3.79.

That is great on its own. However, I also earned $5 RR for purchasing the 4 packages of toothpaste - so I actually earned $1.21!!!

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