Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday Coupons

Tomorrow is Sunday and the Sunday paper holds very valuable coupons! This weeks coupon inserts will be one Smart Source and one Red Plum. I usually preview the coupons that will be in the paper here, at Taylortown Coupon Preview. I will read through & take note of the coupons for items that we normally use. Based on what is going to be available is how I make my decision to how many newspapers I will buy. Normally its just one paper. However, if there are some high dollar coupons available or important coupons for items that I normally go through frequently - I will buy two, sometimes three papers for extra coupons. When I do this - the coupon values will always be more than the cost of the extra newspapers! Another way to get extra coupons without paying for additional newspapers is to ask any family members or friends to pass along what they don't need or use.

In addition the the Sunday paper coupons I also print coupons from a handful of online sites. A really great site that I use a lot is Others that I frequent are RedPlum, Smart Source and AFullCup. With many of these sites you are able to print 2 of each coupon. Simply hit your back button & click to print again.

Now if you take these coupons & pair them up with the weekly sale ads from your stores to plan your weekly meals - you can really stretch your dollar!

Keep an eye out tomorrow - I will post the really good deals that I come across at Kroger, Target, CVS & Walgreens!


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